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Zion appears in the Old Testament times as a title of Jerusalem; over half of these occurrences appear in two books, the Book of Isaiah 46 times and that of Psalms 38 times. It appears seven times in the New Testament and five times in quotations from the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, Zion is overwhelmingly a poetic and prophetic designation and is infrequently used in ordinary prose.

It usually has emotional and religious overtones, but it is not clear why the name Zion rather than the name Jerusalem should carry these overtones. The religious and emotional qualities of the name arise from the importance of Jerusalem as the royal city and the city of the Temple. Mount Zion is the place where Yahweh, the God of Israel, dwells Isaiah ; Psalm , the place where he is king Isaiah and where he has installed his king, David Psalm It is thus the seat of the action of Yahweh in history.

It is to Zion that the exiles will be restored Jeremiah , and there they will find Yahweh Jeremiah Bearing all these connotations , Zion came to mean the Jewish homeland, symbolic of Judaism or Jewish national aspirations whence the name Zionism for the 19th—20th-century movement to establish a Jewish national centre or state in Palestine. Although the name of Zion is rare in the New Testament, it has been frequently used in Christian literature and hymns as a designation for the heavenly city or for the earthly city of Christian faith and fraternity.

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Thank you for your feedback. Scholars can agree, however, that Zion's theological significance outweighs its actual location. Both Abraham and David had experiences of the divine in Moriah, the land of "visions. The angel stopped Abraham and pointed out a ram that God intended as the substitute for Isaac's sacrifice Genesis King David also saw the angel of the Lord at the same site when he offered his own life and the prosperity of his family in exchange for God spearing the lives of his people during a deadly plague 1 Chronicles It is on the site at the summit of Moriah that David is instructed to build Yahweh's altar, and as a sign of its acceptance as the place of worship, Yahweh Himself lights the altar with fire from heaven 2 Samuel ; 2 Chronicles In both cases the site is identified as Mt.

Zion/New Jerusalem

Moriah Genesis and 2 Chronicles In the Book of Genesis, the Patriarchs set up altars to Yahweh in several different places where they had experienced Yahweh's presence, but in the formation of the Sinai Covenant worship is limited to the place where Yahweh's holy altar of sacrifice resides: Take heed that you do not offer your burnt offerings at every place that you see; but at the place which the LORD will choose in one of your tribes, there you shall offer your burnt offerings and there you shall do all that I am commanding you.

But the holy things which are due from you, and your votive offerings, you shall take, and you shall go to the place which the LORD will choose, and offer your burnt offerings, the flesh and the blood, on the altar of the LORD your God; the blood of your sacrifices shall be poured out on the altar of the LORD your God, but the flesh you may eat Deut. Nevertheless, it will be a visionary experience of God's presence which will define the "place which the LORD will choose" from among all the tribes Israel for His house of worship to be established, in the land of Moriah, on the holy Mount of Zion in Jerusalem.

It will be on this site where the visionary experiences of both Abraham and David serve as the authorization for the establishment of the Temple where Yahweh will continue to manifest His presence to His people and to fulfill His covenant promises.

An Unfolding Understanding

What is important about Zion is the revelation of Yahweh; its relevance is not the physical site but the spiritual revelation of God to His covenant people. Zion is the spiritual concept that shapes the identity and the future of the covenant people, for tied with Zion is the divine promise of an eternal Davidic dynasty 2 Samuel ; ; 1 Chronicles ; 2 Chronicles ; Sirach which is fulfilled in Jesus the Christ, the Anointed Prince to whom God will give rule over all the nations of the earth Daniel It is Jesus of Nazareth who is the promised Davidic king, and He is the "stumbling block" on Zion, the old Zion of the Old Covenant Church, who becomes the "stone which the builders Old Covenant leadership rejected" that has become the "cornerstone" upon which the Apostles, led by Christ's vicar St.

Those who believe in the Resurrected Messiah who serves as the New Covenant High Priest in the heavenly Sanctuary come to the spiritual Zion in the celebration of the Mass. It is the Mass which is now the summit of man's visionary experience in the Most Holy Eucharist where covenant believers come to worship and behold the risen Jesus Christ. The new Zion is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth established by Christ the King, and it is also the future New Jerusalem that is promised at the end of the age of man when the King comes again in glory.

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The inspired writer of the Letter to the Hebrews refers to "Zion" as a spiritual metaphor for the promised heavenly "New Jerusalem": But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem and to innumerable angels in festal gathering, and to the assembly of the first-born who are enrolled in heaven, and to a judge who is God of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect, and to Jesus, the mediator of anew covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks more graciously than the blood of Abel Hebrews Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture quotations are from the New Jerusalem Catholic Bible translation.

Moriah where Solomon built Yahweh's Temple. The Hebrew word moriyyah Moriah is believed by many scholars to be related to the verb ra'ah, "to see" and to its derived nouns mar'ah and mar'eh , meaning "sight or vision. Josephus also mentions this connection in Antiquities of the Jews, 7. The letter "J" was not introduced into the alphabet until the Middle Ages; it was the German letter equivalent for "Y.

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