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In addition to efficient text set up in chapters accompanied by review questions, Crush Step 1 also provides visual tools such as images and tables to teach and reinforce pieces of USMLE Step 1 knowledge. On top of that, Crush Step 1 offers some test preparation strategies focused around comprehension rather than simply memorization. To do that, Crush Step 1 goes deep on helping one understand the underlying why behind disease processes. The result is that occasional topics that one might find on the USMLE Step 1 are only covered lightly and some are not covered at all.

Track your progress, refine your question quizzes and analyze your results around all content areas, from anatomy to physiology. Answer choices are explained in detail and topics provide references to other materials for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of specific USMLE Step 1 content. Also known under the name of Pathoma based on the affiliated pathology prep website of the same name , Fundamentals of Pathology was produced by Dr. Husain Sattar, a pathologist and well-regarded board review educator.

Additionally, Fundamentals of Pathology includes access to quality videos to help you nail down the material. Rich in detail, this comprehensive approach to pathology will give you what you more than what you need to do well on the pathology section of the USMLE Step 1 exam. Despite somewhat light durability, there is also enough room to annotate your text with notes as you cover the material. Also, there seem to be some counterfeit versions of Fundamentals of Pathology floating around so be mindful if you get a version that does not seem to be legit.

Also, some might find Fundamentals of Pathology to be expensive given that most people will be mostly done with pathology after the first two years of medical school are finished. A consolidated volume, medEssentials is focused on a high-yield review of topics across the range of content that will be on the USMLE Step 1 and covered during the first two years of medical school.

Featuring tables and photos, medEssentials helps bring concepts to light and provides the reader with additional room to build on the knowledge with note-taking areas throughout the book. Also, medEssentials is really a lightweight version of the Kaplan materials and will probably not add much, if any, value if you already are using another Kaplan USMLE prep book or review course. Utilizing the question and answer format found in the Secrets series, the USMLE Step 1 Secrets book was put together by a team of doctors and medical students.

This USMLE Step 1 review book features both clinical cases and shorter questions and has a number of tables, images e. With space for additional note-taking, the USMLE Step 1 Secrets guide also comes with an electronic book version for added information. The most recent version of the USMLE Step 1 Secrets has some formatting errors and questionably accurate information which diminishes the overall perception of value that this book delivers. Each flash card highlights a particular microorganism and covers important details about it, ranging from presentation to treatment.

  1. After the Manger (What Happened to Jesus When Christmas Was Over) (Bible Stories for Kids Book 6).
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  3. You Can Be Free From Your SELF: The Grace of Soul Transformation.
  4. The Best Resource for Your Final Study and Review for USMLE Step 1!
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  7. Selections from MTVs 100 Greatest Pop Songs Songbook: Selections from MTVs (Easy Guitar With Tab).

Utilizing visual learning techniques such as algorithms and photos, the Lippincott Microcards will make memorizing the large amount of material in microbiology more interesting. The added benefit of the Lippincott Microcards is that they will help you with your microbiology classes in medical school.

Given this benefit, it is worth the investment to get them early on as an adjunctive study tool to complement your lectures. The font used for the text in Lippincott Microcards is quite small, making them hard to read at times. Also, if you are one of those people who likes to write on your study guides, the glossy surface on these USMLE Step 1 flash cards will prevent you from doing much of that. Congratulations if you are at the point in your medical training where you are gearing up to take the USMLE exam.

Medical Licensure Exam Prep

The mnemonics saved my life! This one's a real nail-biter. Can't wait to see how it ends. View 2 comments. Much like adenosine, too much first aid will cause a sense of impending doom. Also much like adenosine, this effect is blunted by caffeine.

I lived off this textbook and coffee for two months and now I can diagnose Sarcoidosis based solely on the first five words of the question stem and spot Auer rods from 40 yards. Great book, very systemized. Perfect for review of basic medical subjects.

  • In Our Time: The companion to the Radio 4 series.
  • Movement for Self-Healing: An Essential Resource for Anyone Seeking Wellness;
  • Voices from a Scattered Soul.
  • Also, it contains pretty good mnemonics. Shelves: med-school. The first aid series is probably the best and most helpful one that I used during my medical school career.

    If you could prepare for Step I again what would you do differently?

    Studying for the boards I continued to use these and found them very helpful. I actually recommend using this book to study for class during second year. The summaries and mnemonics are very useful for what is covered during that time.

    1. Marriage and Family: The Quest for Intimacy, 8th edition!
    2. Lanas Lakota Moons;
    3. Best Overall USMLE Step 1 Prep Book?

    I'm still going to use First Aid for studying for Step 3. And the first aid book for each rotation is also good, especially surgery. I found them significan The first aid series is probably the best and most helpful one that I used during my medical school career. I found them significantly better than Blue Prints series, which I found to be too elementary when it came to doing well on the Shelf exam we had to take after each rotation.

    Our Success is the Direct Result of our Unique way of

    I still occasionally look at info in these books as a resident physician. So if you want a great resource for med school, this is one I highly recommend. Jun 13, Katie rated it really liked it. I know I know, it's my stupid FA study guide. But I read it 3 times and skimmed it a 4th so I feel it deserves to be on this list.

    An obvious must-have for Step 1 and provides all the essentials, but I am so sick of looking at this book. Plus sometimes it's overly concise and I had to look elsewhere for context, which was annoying.

    Best USMLE Step 1 Review Books – Step 1 Daily

    This edition also didn't have all the fancy color pictures that the edition does, not that I felt like I didn't learn just as well. In the end, good riddance First Aid, I'm ready to get back into the world again! Jun 10, Stewart rated it really liked it. To say that I love this book would be a gross distortion of the truth. More accurate would be to say that I have an intimate relationship with this book.

    I see her more than my own wife and children. That does not mean that I love her. In all honesty I'm using her because she's easy and puts out quickly. However, a physiology text will help you cement concepts in your mind. A great understanding of physiology will help answer the difficult Step 1 questions. I found that reading the physiology text for one organ system, then the pathology text and First Aid for the same was great preparation for questions on that subject.

    You can not forget the small categories that are tested on Step 1. I am sure I had questions on these topics.

    Comprehensive Coverage

    The High Yield book is quick and easy; you can get through it in just a few hours. Don't go into the test without knowing all forms of bias and all calculations of a two-by-two table. The behavioral sciences will also take up at least of your Step 1 questions. These are hard to study for but you must find a way to do it.

    There are a few books options in this category, the great asset of the BRS book are about questions at the end of each chapter. Many students swear by High-Yield Behavioral Science. This book is also very good, more concise, and easy to read. It does not have questions. Flashcards will give you a nice break from question banks and books.

    MicroCards have a ton of information. It may seem like some of the information is superfluous, but after taking the exam you will realize that many Step 1 questions ask very specific questions about bacterial anatomy and antibiotic targets. So, yea, get some microcards. This is another set of flashcards that you can use in the bus, at night on the bed, during lunch, etc.

    Like MicroCards, these cards have a ton of information. However, you will be asked some very specific questions. One example I still remember is being asked the mechanism of action of ethosuximide. Even though it is "Step 1" they will still ask pharm quesions. You will find a common theme here: find something to break up the books and question banks.

    Though questions and the first 4 books will be your main ammunition to study for Step 1, you can not do that for a whole month. Flash cards and cases will help break things up while still learning and picking up some questions. The First Aid case book is very good and highly recommended by all.