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You break the rules, you're gonna be punished. Michelle : Thanks a lot, Uncle Tattletale. Jesse : I am not a tattletale. Danny, she just called me a OK, so I am a tattletale, but it's not my fault because you were messing around with my stuff.

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Michelle : I thought I was your 'little Munchkin', but I was wrong. Good Michelle : I hope you learned your lesson. Bad Michelle : [to "Good"] Hey princess, go kiss a frog!

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Real Michelle : You got me in trouble. Bad Michelle : That wasn't me! That was 'Uncle Tattletale'. Real Michelle He is a blabbermouth. Bad Michelle : You wanna make him feel really sorry?

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Good Michelle : [to "Bad"] You should mind your own business. Real Michelle : [to "Good"] Now, now, be polite. Bad Michelle : You run away from home! Real Michelle : Sounds good to me. I'm outta here. Bad Michelle : Don't listen to her! Pack that suitcase! Good Michelle : Don't do this! This is a big, big mistake!

Bad Michelle : [to "Good"] Get a life! Can I live with you?


Teddy : Sure. Come on in. Teddy's dad : Does your dad know you're here?

Michelle : No, when you run away, you don't tell. Teddy's mom : Why did you run away, sweetheart? Michelle : To teach Uncle Tattletale a lesson. Teddy's sister : She's really cute. Can we keep her? Michelle : I'm a fun girl! Teddy's dad : Well, until we can get this straightened out, you're welcome to stay here. Michelle : Thanks, new dad!

She ran away from home. Jesse : What?! Becky : What?! Why would she do that?! Jesse : Oh, she was mad at me. She called me "Uncle Tattletale". Danny : Well, I'm gonna see that she never runs away again. Becky : Well, what are you gonna do? Danny : First I'm gonna hug her, then I'm gonna kiss her, then I'm gonna ground her for life. Hold it, Tall Man. I got a better idea. Danny : What? Jesse : Let's do what my dad did to me when I ran away. I guarantee you, she'll never do it again. Come here. Kimmy : Why do we have to do this?

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Stephanie : Yeah, it's never gonna work. I saw it on TV. Now, each time you agree, you move your chairs closer. When you disagree, you move them apart. Stephanie : Charlotte's Web. Kimmy : How to Pick Up Boys. You've both read a book. Kimmy : Actually, I never read it. It's a book on tape. Stephanie : Pizza.

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Kimmy : Not as much as I love trout. Kimmy : It sure is. You both agree. Move your chairs closer. I got the Old Maid again! Michelle : Don't play this for money. Teddy : We're out of beds. You can sleep in the kitchen with Sparky. He is still not yet an independent force for evil. Job Even though Job loses his fortunes, including his family, he is steadfast in his belief in God. At the end of the book, God rewards him by restoring everything he has lost.

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Satan remains a part of the heavenly court after his assignment with Job is done. The change in the concept of God from being the force of both good and evil to the role of Satan as an adversary of man is credited to the influence of the Persians. The Persians are credited with having the first beliefs in the duality of good and evil through their founder Zarathustra Zoraster in Greek. They were not the only group in the troubled times of the Roman occupation of parts of Israel that blamed the troubles on this newly expanded character. It is only in Christianity where the exposition of Satan as he is known today in many religions is truly made.

In the first century CE during the birth of Christianity other groups also played a role in the concept of good and evil, specifically the Greeks. The Romans had no concept of an evil force. Since Plato, the Greeks had developed the concept of duality: good vs.