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Watch out for words that put limitations on a potential answer. If you look at the choices of answers before you understand the question entirely, you may be lead into choosing a wrong answer.

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Two of the answers can often be eliminated right off the bat after reading the question through two times. Once these two answers are eliminated, you only need to decide the "best possible answer" between the two remaining choices. Do not add elements into questions that are not already written into it.

These things can cause you to overlook the basics of the question, which is usually what you are being tested for. You are given two hours and forty minutes to complete the exam so you should have a while to review it after you have completed it. There is most certainly at least one question that you read incorrectly. Do not spend your review time waiting out in the car for your friend to get done. Step 5: Schedule and take Exam within 90 Days after 90 days you must apply and pay fee again. We have created this page to aid in answering some of the more common questions associated with taking the NCBTMB exams.

This includes facts and advice related to taking and passing the exams. It is intended to aid the MT candidate in his or her pursuit of license and registration as a Massage Therapist. It measures what you have learned and is a set of standardized tests with a set amount of time and a set amount of questions.

All testing will be performed at a computer workstation at Pearson Vue testing centers, which are located all over the United States. You will have 2 hours and fifty minutes to answer questions to complete the exam and receive your results. Your name will be displayed at the top of the screen and on the top right side you will see your time remaining you also have the option of clicking on the clock icon to get rid of the time count. The progress indicator under the time will show you first the question number you are on and then the total number of questions.

The bottom left of the screen shows the navigation buttons. You can choose the Previous screen, the Navigator settings, or Next screen. The Navigator button in the lower right corner opens a window that allows you to move freely around the exam questions.

AMTA Massage Exam Study Guide

The Navigator window also allows you to view the question status complete, incomplete, or unseen , and items that are marked or flagged for review. To change the sort display click, the column heading once to change the current sort order from ascending to descending order; click it again to change from descending to ascending order. An arrow pointing up indicates that the column is sorted in ascending order; an arrow pointing down indicates that it is in descending order.

If you click again, this will remove the selected answer. If you flag an item for review, a flag appears next to that item on the review screen. Review of items must be done during the testing time. You can select items for review whether you have answered them or not. To un-flag the item, click the Flag for Review button again and the flag image disappears.

When you reach the last item in a section, press the Next button to move to the Review Screen. The End Review ends your exam, it is located in the lower left side of the screen.

To report this review as inappropriate, please complete this short form.

You must send in the failed score report and fee within 60 days of the failed exam indicating that you wish to retest. You will have four months from the time you fail the exam to complete the extra training. If you need more time to complete your additional education, you must submit in writing to the NCBTMB within the specified time frame. You will have one year from the time you fail the exam to complete the extra training. If you need more time to complete your additional education you must submit in writing to the NCBTMB within the specified time frame.

No other report will be sent to you in the mail or email. The score will be reported to this first state at no cost. The following advice has been gleaned from dozens of sources.

Information contained within has been compiled from interviews with Massage Therapists who have taken and passed the exam, related Massage discussion forums, and nationally recognized test-taking authorities. To use our site effectively it is best to review the content of your graded exams. Check each incorrectly answered question and find out why you missed it. Was it because you didn't read the question correctly or missed one qualifying word? If you answered the question correctly or incorrectly, it is important to read the rationale, there may be further insights that can help you in the long run with a deeper understanding about the subject, or an easier way to remember the content.

When reviewing your tests, make sure you are breaking down the questions effectively. This is the time to practice reading each word slowly. It also helps, while reading the question, to insert one of the answers into the question to see if it fits or to see if it registers with anything in your knowledge base.

If you take time on each word, focusing on the overall relevancy, you will train your brain to pick out the best possible answer. Visualize the muscle in relation to the body, see the direction of the fibers, recall the origin and the insertion more moveable attachment and run through the available actions of that muscle.

Medical Massage Care’s MBLEx Sample Exam by Philip Martin McCaulay (Paperback) - Lulu

Practice using scrap paper to write things down. Sometimes writing content down will trigger the information you are looking for. When you take the exam at Pearson VUE they will give you paper and pencil or board and marker to use while the exam is taken and then ask for it back when the exam is completed.

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It is also best in your preparations to study at least an hour each day. When you answer a question incorrectly, use that information to find a subject matter you need to learn more about. Read all about it in your books, and look it up online.

NCETM and NCETMB Certification Test

Try to make deeper connections in regards to the body relationship as a whole. As you continue to do so you will find that you can recall information faster and with more accuracy. There is no secret method to passing the Exam. The Massage-Exam Practice Testing Application will help you become familiar with the format and content of the multiple choice questions.

I graduated in in georgia and took the NESL. Is that still valid? I currently live in colorado and want to get my license here. I am looking to take the MBlex in the next few months.

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How long should I study before I apply for a testing date? I need to have the test passed before the end of this year. Thank you so much for all the fantastic information you put out on your site. Keep up the great work! I do recommend massageexamacademy. If you have any questions as you study, let me know. I also work on it every day and always love suggestions on how to make it better.