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Our Capability in the infrastructure transformation focusses on taking you datacenter, platform, security and risk management to next level.


Our service breadth include design, planning, implementation, migration, consulting and Operations. We believe there is always a better and more efficient way of doing things in business. We are keen to listen to the problems our customers face in their business and provide a technology enabled solution. Fast Forward into the Future.

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Process Automation and Consultancy Services. Its success is built on deep insight into the needs of its customers and an assumption that if you create value for customers, growth and profits will follow. Their leaders know when to listen to the data and when to be decisive. These are the best kinds of decisions! They're fact-based decisions.

We suggest that, in future, two strategic imperatives will dominate. Instead, it will be the ones that move forward faster than the others by developing the capacity for decisive action — the ability to address opportunities as they emerge, to experiment with new offerings and to make big bets when called for. But action without direction is a dangerous commodity. To channel it in an effective way, firms also need to develop emotional conviction — to listen to their own intuitive reasoning, and to create meaning for their employees and their customers.

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A single-minded emphasis on logical-mathematical type knowledge helps firms to create clever and unique offerings, but with a risk that beauty, joy, surprise, spontaneity and individuality are driven out. While both can be successful, it is the latter group that captures the imagination and typically get the higher margins as well.

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The twin imperatives of decisive action and emotional conviction have consequences at multiple levels of analysis:. The classic approach to strategy was to think of a cascade of decisions: what do we want to achieve, where will we play, how will we win? This logic was reasonably effective in a stable environment, but in a complex, fast-changing world it is too slow and too formulaic. So, we need to turn this approach on its head.

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Insights based on interactions with customers drive the reflection and sense-making process, which ultimately informs the big-picture strategy. Over the last decade, its executives have embarked on an ambitious transformation program, first of all a cleaning up and simplification of internal processes, then a strategic push into digital banking.

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When using bureaucratic or meritocratic ways of working, leaders could afford to work in traditional, top-down styles. But if your business is built on decisive action and emotional conviction, you need to make sure people across the organisation have the means, motive and opportunity to be entrepreneurial — to pursue opportunities wherever they arise. This puts a big burden on leaders to do their job properly — to articulate a clear, overall sense of direction, to build a safe working environment where people have the space to try out their ideas and to provide the resources where needed to support these individuals.

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Essentially, leaders have to become ambidextrous — they need to be able to deliver on results today, to get efficiency out of existing operations, while also scouting and investing in whatever is coming along next. You can register for the book launch event here. The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship equips and inspires entrepreneurs, innovators and the leaders who design the ecosystems in which they thrive. Business ventures need authentic relevant information to enhance managerial activities and goals, but harnessing such information alone is not enough without the management ability to transform informational results into realities.

In Business Technology the word Innovation signifies radical changes from the old ways of doing things to the new technological aspirations. Prev 1 Next.