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If you dreamed a horse kicked you off his saddle or a horse kicked you, such a dream is not a good sign and indicates a bad period of your life, filled with sadness. Dreaming about trying to ride a wild horse. If you dreamed about trying to ride a wild horse, such a dream is a sign of huge obstacles coming your way. Maybe you are planning to start something new, such as a project, or a new business venture, or maybe achieve some long awaited goal and you will probably be faced with great difficulties on the way, which will be hard to overcome.

Dreaming about a dirty horse. If you saw a dirty and shabby looking horse in a dream, such a dream might indicate disappointment by some close relationship. This dream might serve you as a warning to be cautious, because someone close to you might try to deceive you in some way, and might even succeed in doing that if you allow it.

11 Meanings of Dreams About Horses Including Riding, Falling, and More!

Dreaming about a dead or injured horse. If you saw a dead or an injured horse in a dream, such a dream is a bad sign. This dream might signify receiving some very disappointing news, related to something very important you have put a lot of effort into achieving. Dreaming about participating in a horse race.

If you dreamed about participating in a horse race, such a dream might be a good sign and indicates good luck and success of your current and future plans and projects. Dreaming about a horse run in a race. If you watched a horse run in a racing track in a dream, such a dream might indicate difficulties which one of your friends might currently be encountering. Maybe your friend needs your help, so think about who that person might be, and do your best to help him or her overcome the situation in which they found themselves in.

Dreaming about riding an unsaddled horse. If you dreamed about riding an unsaddled horse, such a dream might not be a good sign.

Dream Horses: A Poster Book

This dream might indicate encountering some difficulties in the near future you will fortunately be able to overcome. This dream might also indicate your friends helping you in overcoming such obstacles and succeeding in your endeavors at the end. Dreaming about riding on a black horse for women. If you dreamed about riding on a black horse, such a dream is a sign your desires will be fulfilled unexpectedly, by strange coincidence or sheer luck.

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This dream indicates your wishes being granted soon, but not by your own efforts. Dreaming about riding on a horse with your partner for women. If you dreamed about riding on a horse with your partner, such a dream is usually a good sign, and might indicate being the object of attention of a good looking and successful admirer. Sometimes this dream indicates having more than one admirer.

Dreaming about a herd of horses grazing. If you observed a herd of horses peacefully grazing in a field, such a dream is a good sign, indicating your business venture is very good. It might also indicate support from your business partners. Dreaming about watching someone selling a horse.

Haflinger Storm "Dream Horse" by Eliane van Schaik Photography (HD quality)

If you dreamed about someone selling a horse, such a dream is a sign of risky and uncertain business dealings, which might turn out to be profitable and provide you with a lot of prosperity. Dreaming about selling horses and keeping the best one for yourself. If you dreamed you were selling horses, but kept the best horse for yourself, such a dream is usually a very good sign. Created with.


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